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Friday, May 06, 2005

Who Cares About Ethics?

Well, Alcee Hastings clearly does given his recent letter to Chairman Dreier.

He wants the Ethics Committee to go after Tom Delay, but he might not be so eager if he'd looked at some previous cases handled by the Committee. The following are from the Committee website.

"Rep. Adam Clayton (NY) 1967

Comm. on Education and Labor concluded funds were used for non-official travel and found “strong presumption” that wife did not perform the services for which she was paid with congressional funds (Jan. 3, 1967); Select Committee appointed by House recommended censure, $40,000 restitution and reduction of seniority (Feb. 23, 1967)
Excluded, 307-116 (March 1, 1967); seated after reelection to 91st Cong., fined $25,000 and seniority reduced, 254-158 (Jan. 3, 1969)"

Good thing Alcee Hastings hasn't "done the right thing" and married Patricia Williams, isn't it?

"Rep. Wayne L. Hays (OH) (1976)

Retained employee on public payroll for immoral purposes (1974-76)
Rep. Hays and other members requested Comm. investigate press allegations; Comm. ordered investigation (June 2, 1976)
Resigned prior to hearings (Sept. 1, 1976"

Hmm, paying good-looking young "administrative assistant" more than the chief of staff?

"Rep. Charles H. Wilson (CA) (1980)

....maintained person on payroll not performing duties commensurate with pay [R. 43(8)];
Agreed to amendment deleting denial of chairmanship from sanction, 261-148; censured, voice vote (June 10, 1980)
Defeated in primary (June 3, 1980)"

Both women do perform duties more than commensurate with pay, the duties just don't happen to be government related...

Perhaps Alcee Hastings should be looking closer to home if he's trying to clean up the House?


  • At 9:19 AM, Anonymous who does he think he is? said…

    the gall and temerity of this guy!
    the bald pimp is unfuckinbelievable and has done nothing but set himself up for failure carrying on in this schoolboy charade and using taking taxpayer money and misusing his budget like its his personal "ho" discretionay fund and these women should be ashamed of their actions thus far...havent they realized by now that laying on your ass might get you there but it wont keep you there,

    i hope the someone is following the paper trail that leads exactly where it suppose and it seems that the Sun Sentinel could use an expose or better yet bring all the congressional pricks down who partake in such activities and get to the business of good governance in the country.

  • At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Mark Johnson said…

    My name is Mark Johnson, and I've been an avid reader of your blog Alcee Hastings for about the last six months. I'm a recent UC Berkeley Political science grad and I along with some fellow Princeton alums have been working hard to launch our own internet startup called Rizzleweb.com. Rizzleweb is basically an online political community where people can log on and write performance reviews\comments for congressmen, senators, the president, and various other local and state officials across the country. I was hoping that if it would not be too much trouble you could place a link of our site on your blog. If this is not possible (which we completely understand), we still hope you will check out our site, and post some reviews


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