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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Patricia Williams

"The Queen B" as those in the know like to call her. Listed as a staff assistant, Patricia Williams works in Alcee Hastings' Florida office for a staggering $129 000 a year. Seniority? More likely it's a combination of the following things:

1.) Patricia Williams was Alcee Hastings' lawyer while he was being charged for soliciting a bribe on the Federal bench, a case that led to his impeachment. She managed to get Alcee Hastings off, although his accomplice was found guilty. A few years later she was disbarred for mishandling client funds. What a beautiful team: an impeached federal court judge, and a disbarred lawyer, it's definitely the stuff that dreams are made of.

2.) As they are so obviously made for one another, it's only natural that a romance would develop. She has been Alcee Hastings' unofficial live in partner for long enough for her children to get used to calling him dad. Of course it's a violation of House Ethics rules to have a family member on the payroll, so they do like to keep seperate addresses. Even the Miami Herald commented on the relationship between the two, so this isn't news to everyone.

3.) Alcee Hastings owes Patricia Williams between $500 000-$1 000 000 for legal fees. That's hardly shocking, as he seems to owe everyone legal fees.


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